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Thread: Monster Hunter world - Post your build.

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    Monster Hunter world - Post your build.

    I'm interested in knowing what weapons and gear you all use.

    I use full Xeno'jiiva gear, and I mainly use Dual Blades for quick kills, and Bow for hunts where I'm fighting flyers or need to be a distance away such as, Vaal.
    I have almost every last upgraded bow and DB.

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    I've effectively used Greatsword for nearly every battle throughout the game. I think my stats have maybe 4-5 where I use SnS at the beginning or Hammer. I dunno, GS just feels intuitive to me and let me have high survivability. As for armor, right now I really like the Vaal Hazak set-piece bonus for the Super Recovery plus a random head piece and foot piece to give me Weakness Exploit/Handicraft/Focus.
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    With the exception of certain troublesome monsters, I usually adorn myself with full Uragaan Alpha and use a variety of Charge Blades to fit the target's weaknesses.

    I'm always rockin that Gard lvl 3, defense lvl 4 or higher, and lvl three resistances to thunder and ice. However, I've saved several variations of the set with slightly modified skills so as to better equip me against certain monsters.
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    I use xeno gear minus the head, where I use the event Matrix-looking sunglasses, because stuns are annoying. I main Insect Glaive and have every final tier glaive made. I usually run the xeno one though, cuz of the slots. When not using glaive, I run Hammer for lulz. My decorations change, but I use at least 4 defense, 1 steadfast for full stun-proof, 1 resistor for full blight-proof, and just fill in the rest depending on what I'm facing. I use the Divine blessing lvl 3 charm, cuz that thing will save your ass often. It's all pretty boring, but it works.

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